A message from the founder

The Hybrid Income System is a complete set of powerful business and sales tools optimized for network marketing ideal for both new and experienced reps. I consider it a crucial framework for any business that wants an effective online presence.

Our team of developers have a combined 20+ years of experience in network marketing and professional website development, but by no means do we consider ourselves "gurus." We are simply networkers that have studied numerous top experts in the industry and are passionate about sharing a tool to help everyone spread the message that our profession is a better way.

Over a year ago, the Hybrid Income System began as a personal project for my own network marketing organization. My vision was to create the most easy to use, complete solution that allowed my team to leverage powerful "new school" marketing tools while still able to seamlessly use proven "old school" hi-touch, belly-to-belly business strategies.

During a 6-month beta-test, I was able to achieve the following results:

  • Starting with little to no online web presence, my new blog was able to generate hundreds of visitors a day in just a few months.
  • Generate dozens of free, qualified leads each week and never having a shortage of people to call.
  • Consistently sponsor a handful of reps every month without relying on my warm market or an existing email list.
  • Never spent a single dime on advertising such as Facebook Pay Per Click or buying cold leads that treat you like telemarketers.

Being in pre-launch, we are absolutely excited about what the future holds for both Hybrid Income System and ARIIX! We are dedicated to continue developing and rolling out new features and content. We look forward to your feedback or suggestions which you can offer by going to our support forum.


Dedicated to engineering your HYBRID success!

ARIIX Independent Representative

Founder & Lead Developer, Hybrid Income System

Our Developer Team

Salvador Posada

Salvador Posada, Direct Response Marketing Coach

Previously a realtor for 7-years, achieving 6-figure annual commissions at the peak of his career, Salvador made the switch to network marketing when he realized that all his sales efforts would never generate the residual income required to have the time and freedom he desired to spend time with his wife and three boys. Over the past ten years, Salvador dedicated thousands of hours and dollars studying top marketers and business growth experts. He developed a diverse network of clients ranging from local small businesses to global conglomerates helping them with his skillset and knowledge in direct response marketing and copywriting. With his extensive experience in advertising and copywriting, he’s helping Hybrid Income System develop effective high-converting content and tools for its members to leverage in their marketing.

Jason Smith

Jason Lee, SEO & Web Traffic Generation Coach

Even as a former Nuclear Power Plant Supervisor and trainer making a solid six figure income Jason still decided to choose the route of becoming a network marketing professional.  Jason got his start in an old fashioned belly-to-belly company that forced him to build a network marketing business the traditional way.  After seeing high levels of downline turnover, and watching uplines struggle to retain people, Jason decided to look into internet marketing as a viable means for building a company.  Like nuclear power, he committed the same diligence to studying aspects of internet marketing that would bring results.  As a result of that self study, multiple training courses, and following current SEO leaders Jason was able to rank his first network marketing blog on the top of Google's Page 1 and generate a daily source of leads for his business.  He currently uses his expertise in SEO, blogging, and traffic generation to help enhance Hybrid Income System for the end user.